Third Party Manufacturing

Manufacturing for Animal Feed Supplement & Ayurvedic Products for Cattle, Pets & Poultry

Manufacturing for Animal Feed Supplement & Ayurvedic Products – SHIVAM PHARMA has its own manufacturing facility of Animal Feed Supplement & Ayurvedic Veterinary Products. We have set up a manufacturing plant in HSIDC, SAHA (Haryana) i.e Century Biocare Pvt. Ltd. Many big Trading companies do not have their own production facilities. We work for them and provide them contract manufacturing/third party services.

We uphold quality measures at all stages from material procurement, process optimization, formulation, testing and stability. Large scale production capacity and qualified & experienced production and quality control staff are a perfect combination at Shivam Pharma for outsourcing or contract manufacturing requirements.

We Offer Distribution, Marketing Rights and franchise for our Veterinary, Pet & Poultry Products in Unrepresented Areas in any part of India.